Xanax Dosage

In order to treat anxiety, it is recommended to use the dose of 0.25mg up to 0.5mg each day 3 times. The doctor can adjust your needed dosage in dependence of the side effects that happened after taking the drug.  Most cases of panic disorder require a higher dose of Xanax. Some of the elements contributing to the dosage establishment, count your age, the other drugs that you are taking (if so), and in general your medical condition.

Dosing With Xanax:  Introduction

The doctor may vary the dose of Xanax (or alprazolam), in function of  a few factors, such as:
your medical conditions at the moment;
your medical conditions already treated;
the medications you may be taking;
your age.

Do not ever decide by yourself what dose to take except that your doctor specifically instructs you how to do it.

Xanax Dosage for Anxiety

It is recommended to begin the anxiety treatment with the dose of 0.25mg Xanax tablet to 0.5mg each day 3 times. The doctor that takes care of your health may vary the dose for you – increase it or decrease if needed- for controlling the symptoms and side effects of Xanax on your body.

Xanax is more probable to cause side effects to persons with another health problem(s) and to elder ones. For the last one mentioned and for those that suffer from liver disease and some other serious diseases, the starting dose for Xanax is recommended to be 0.25mg each day 2 or 3 times.

Dose of Xanax for Panic Disorder

Often to control the symptoms of panic disorder it is needed a higher dosage of Xanax (comparing with anxiety). Anyway, the recommendation is to begin with the low dose like 0.5mg daily again 3 times. And then your doctor may slowly adjust the necessary dose for you. Precisely the fact that the Xanax dosage is low and then slowly increases to the effective one makes it possible to avoid the unpleasant side effects of the drug.